Allergies and intolerances can make life difficult, trying to find free-from products that are as good and enjoyable as the regular versions. But one of the easiest ways to enjoy food and avoid allergens is to eat in the way that nature intended.

Go for natural products that are transparent with their ingredients – and the less ingredients the better. Nothing rings alarm bells like a huge list of ingredients, because it guarantees that the product is full of additives and preservatives.


How to eat naturally

  • Avoid any food with e-numbers listed in the ingredients.
  • Try to avoid sugar and be aware of products with hidden sugars, such as breakfast cereals, ready meals and even canned soup!
  • Always read labels when you are shopping
  • Get plenty of protein (found in brown rice, oats, nuts, broccoli and aubergine)
  • Limit dairy and gluten even if you don’t have an intolerance, the body doesn’t process it as easily as other foods.
  • Have a high fibre diet (fruits, vegetables, nuts and pulses)
  • Drink lots of water


Don’t forget that with a few simple tweaks to your diet, putting the focus on more natural foods, you will feel more energised, happier and more in shape. Be aware that food that looks like a better option isn’t always, from health foods packed full of sugar and preservatives, to fresh fruit sprayed with pesticides.

Shop mindfully, eat naturally, and watch your energy improve!