From the day we are born we are confronted with the word : NO.  No don’t cry, no that’s enough, no please go to sleep and the older we get the more the word “no” becomes a normal daily word and we from Okaydan believe that that is fine as boundaries will give you structure and something to hold on to. But to many NO’s is not fine. We don’t like to be corrected to much or being told what or what not to do. It can really have a negative vigor. When you have to live with a allergy or intolerance, you will hear the word NO a lot more. That is one of our many reasons why we like to create snacks that will include as many people as possible. A snack where the answer is Yes, it’s Okay! You can have this snack. As the founders has lived most of her life in Holland she named this brand Okaydan which means okay then. Wouldn’t we all like to hear Okay a lot more!

At Okaydan we love food, fun, friends and family. Life should be about enjoyment and food is a huge part of that. Maintaining certain diets can be a real fun breaker, and take you out of the moment.

When we discovered how many allergies actually exist, and how quickly that number is growing, we felt a drive to help. Combining our passion for food with our knowledge of allergies and free-from ingredients, Okaydan is here to offer snacks you can eat on-the-go, at home, at work or even in the pub! As well as snacks, there is a series of simple recipes that you can put together at home. Learn more about cooking without allergens – but with plenty of love!

How often do you hear “This isn’t bad for a free-from product”? Why should people with allergies have to accept lesser products?

This is why we tested our product over and over again, including testing blind. Using thousands of tasters, including some who weren’t told that the products were free-from products, only products with a 95% approval rating made the cut. We wanted our snacks to be the best of the best, no compromise, and that’s what this range offers.

Not only is Okaydan a place to buy snacks and try recipes, but it is also a platform that connects people and gives more information about allergies. You will find interviews with people with all types of allergies and intolerance, as well as information from different fields in the medical and science industries. There is rarely one answer that suits all of us, so we want to give as many options as possible.


We love to interact, so please share your, ideas, visions, recipes and knowledge.

Much loves,

The OKAYdan team

Life is for living! I love food because it is such an integral part to life. It should always be a pleasure! Sharing a delicious meal opens doors to great conversations, allowing us to share ideas and enjoy laughter with our loved ones. In my experience, the better the food, the better the experience, which is why creating good food is my passion.


When I was thirty I was forced to take a look at my diet for a variety of factors, and it took a process of elimination and research to get to the root of the issue. One day I read an article about hormones and instantly connected with it. I went back to school to study hormones, made the appropriate changes and found that changing my diet changed my life! I have my health, energy and happiness back and I never had to compromise on taste or fun. Although I make different choices now, I am not ruled by my diet, and I never have to pass up an adventure to stay on track.


Once I’d dealt with my own difficulties,I started teaching nutritional cooking classes at a private school and was confronted with the number of allergies and diseases that children are suffering from, even at a very young age. I decided to study further and increase my knowledge of allergens to create recipes free from gluten, wheat, eggs, soy, nuts, sesame and dairy that everyone can enjoy, and that all of the children could get involved with. And, fantastically, the children loved all of my recipes!


The first snack cluster that we will introduce with our brand was everybody’s favourite, and I have used this recipe as a jumping-off point for all future snacks associated with the brand. The snacks are tasty, satisfying for you and have long use-by dates, making them practical as well as yummy.


I love them, and I hope that you will too!

Viviana Cerutti