It’s more than OKAY!

Taste Freedom

Eating should be about fun and enjoyment, so why can’t food include everyone? More and more people are having allergies. They are forced to make different choices.

We’ve created a line of recipes and snacks that allows more people to have their well deserved snack. We always try to work with natural ingredients. We are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, peanuts, soy and sesame – with these snacks we try to give as many people as possible access to delicious snacks! There is no compromise on taste whatsoever, just good food that tastes amazing.

Simple, fast and tasty, these snacks and recipes are wholesome and satisfying, touching your senses and feeding your body and soul.

You get all you would expect from a snack and so much more!


The OKAYdan snack clusters are our first product
on the market. Free from seven allergies, the snack
clusters are available in three different flavors.
The snack is satisfying, powerful and delicious.

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We discovered a gab in the food industry. Food is our passion as is bringing people together to celebrate life. We believe life can be simple and full of joy and we are always inspired to create new recipes. Our choices are unlimited and it’s nature itself that provides us with so many beautiful ingredients. Nature is giving us his product and allows us to be creative.

Lucky for us we have a talent to bring natural flavour to the next level. We have no doubts that you will love our journey. We are not just filling the gab, we will be your platform to celebrate life with tables full of good food, with or without allergies